My Boyfriend Wants a Break – What Should I Do?

by admin on October 12, 2011

boyfriend Wants a BreakIf you’re on this page right now, it’s likely because you’re thinking “my boyfriend wants a break, what does this mean?” So in this article I’m going to discuss the possibilities of what this could mean in your relationship.

Firstly, before we can get into the discussion about what “my boyfriend wants a break” means in your relationship, you have to figure out how close you were with your boyfriend. Obviously, there are many different types of relationships that people can have, but in most cases they can come down to three main levels.

  • Close, but someone distanced. This refers to having a relationship with your boyfriend but it’s more of an open relationship than exclusive.
  • Working to be a couple, or already a couple, but not deeply in love. This is the middle ground, usually where most boyfriend and girlfriend couples are in the first few months to maybe a year of them being together.
  • Pretty much in love. This is when you and your boyfriend are in love, and pretty much spend every day together.

Now once you classify which area approximately you were with your boyfriend, it can be easier to find out what it means when you find that “my boyfriend wants a break”.

If you’re in the first category and it seems that you have a pretty open relationship already, then your boyfriend simply wants a break usually just to get his head sorted. Being in the “my boyfriend needs a break” mindset wouldn’t be too upsetting for you, but keep in mind that maybe he feels that the relationship is changing levels for him, but not for you? Or maybe he finds the opposite is occurring. Either way it usually means he just wants some space to think over things. Since you both didn’t have a very close relationship, you could easily ask him what’s going on and be honest with him.

If you’re in the second category and you were pretty much a couple together (where most boyfriend-girlfriend relationships are), maybe saw each other every second day, and called nearly every day, again your boyfriend may just want space. Being in the “my boyfriend needs a break” mindset shouldn’t be too upsetting because maybe he needs to think over things. Sometimes in this case, the relationship could be moving too quickly for him and he may have some trouble committing. Make it evident to him what he means to you and tell him that you want to know what you mean to him. So hopefully by discussing it openly and honestly, you can both come to a solution.

Finally, if you’re in the third category things usually are quite emotional. If you find that “my boyfriend needs a break” and you’ve been a deeply connected couple for quite some time, then it’s normal for you to be quite sad and even confused. The best way to deal with this is to firstly give him the space he wants, DON’T act clingy and keep calling him. Instead give him a few days, and then see if you can contact him and just ask if you can talk. Make it clear what he means to you and how you feel. Tell him NOT to waste your time if he feels things are going to go south and to be totally honest with you. Honesty is key to most of these solutions.

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