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by admin on October 15, 2011

boyfriend wants to break upWhat do you do when your boyfriend wants to break up and you still love him? Can you win him back into your life? What are the steps that you can take to rekindle the romance? Most women panic when they hear that their boyfriend wants to break up and this should be avoided.

All that your boyfriend has on his mind during a breakup is to get far away from you. When you hear about this the first reaction would be to fight with him. When you fight with him you would only drive him further away from you.

The most important thing to do

It is very important that couples give each other space in their relationship. If they fail to do so one of them might feel suffocated and want to get out of the relationship. Most men who break up after a long term relationship feel the need for a break up due to this reason.

The worst thing to do

You might even break up into tears and start pleading and begging him to come back. This would be one of the worst things that you can do. Although your mind will be clouded with emotions and you will not be able to think sensibly, you would need to do the exact opposite of what most women do. Do not cry and rant when boyfriend wants to break up. Instead stay calm and listen to what he has to say.

Make sure you listen to him

When you let him speak you might get a clue as to why he wants to break up and this clue will be very important in winning him back into your life. The other thing that you will be able to accomplish through this is that you will be able the control the situation much better.

Most men expect their women to react badly when they say that they want to breakup. They will be surprised when you react in a calm manner and might also start thinking that this did not affect you much. You would be able to gain an upper hand due to this and he will feel that he is been rejected by you.

Make him eager to get you back

Winning him back will become much easier when you make him feel rejected. After you make him feel this way it would be best to avoid all contact with him. Disappear from his life completely. This will create a longing in his hear and you would be able to focus on what you need to do to win him back.

If you do the wrong thing when boyfriend wants to break up, it could be the end of your relationship forever and you might not be able to win him back. You would need to be positive and not react angrily He will also start feeling the pangs of separation and would try to contact you again. You would be able to turn things around in your favor even when boyfriend wants to break up and help him come back to you within no time.

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