Depression After Break Up – Few Tips to Help You Out

by admin on October 24, 2011

Depression After Break UpWhen it comes to break ups, women are more prone to have depression after break up. While men also feel depression, most try to control how they feel by keeping themselves busy and rationalizing what happened. Although a lot of women handle break ups well, a few tend to make things worst by holding on to memories and making themselves lonelier by listening to sad songs and trying to know what their ex is up to. If you think you’re starting to experience depression after break up, here are a few tips to help you out.

Don’t wallow in the pain

If you’re tempted to listen to sad songs, choose something upbeat and happy instead. Don’t dig up old photos and letters if it will just hurt you. There is no real explanation why some women tend to turn depression into a phase they have to go through. Some women say it helps to move on quicker, or that it’s their way of acknowledging that the relationship was real and important to them. However, there is no need for you to intentionally subject yourself to this unnecessary loneliness, especially if there are ways to avoid it. The fastest way to avoid depression after break up is to not fall into it willingly. This may seem silly, but many women have fallen prey to this.

Keep busy

One sure way to avoid depression after break up is to divert your attention to other activities and endeavors. Since you have a lot more free time now, you need to fill these gaps up so you don’t mope around and think about your ex-boyfriend. However, this doesn’t mean tiring yourself by filling up your schedule with so many activities. You can even just choose one activity and devote yourself into it entirely. The important thing is that you don’t think about your ex or the break up.

Remember people who love you

While you were in a relationship, it’s possible you were too busy with your boyfriend and you neglected your friends, relatives and family. Now that you’re single, you need them more than ever, especially your family, because they’re the ones who love you totally and would never give up on you. Surround yourself with people who make you feel love and needed. Help and reach out to others. Knowing that people depend on you and that you’re important to them will boost your self-worth. Too often, women fall into depression after break up is because it made them feel like a failure and they end up wallowing in self-pity because of it.

While depression after break up is normal, it isn’t healthy for you to remain depressed, especially if it is affecting the people around you and your way of life. The look of depression is very unattractive, so it won’t help you at all if you plan on reconciling with your ex in the future or find yourself a new love altogether. In order for someone to love you, you must first love yourself so instead of feeling depressed about the past, you should concentrate on standing on your own two feet and moving forward.

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