How Can i Get my Ex Boyfriend Back

by admin on October 15, 2011

get my ex boyfriend backI have broken up with my boyfriend and nothing seems right. I seemed to have made the decision in haste and would like to get my ex boyfriend back. Most of us let our emotions get the better of us when arriving at such decisions and regret later. If you honestly want him back in your life, you can rekindle the romance once again.

The first step

It would be best if you do not let emotions get the better of you once again when trying to win back his love. So what do I do to get my ex boyfriend back? The first step would be to identify the reasons that led to the breakup and analyze them in totality.

Mistakes could have been made by both of you. Accepting that you were wrong and trying to bring a change in your attitude would send a positive signal to him. I wanted to get my ex boyfriend back but at the same time did not want to look desperate.

Don’t be clingy

Most women who are keen to win back the love of their life try to frequent every place that their man goes. This is a clear indication of desperation. Men would not like to see their ex girlfriend wherever they go. This would be clingy behavior and men do not like it and this can play spoilsport in my effort to get my ex boyfriend back.

It’s a gradual process

If you have common friends, you can slowly try to get back into his social life. Make sure that the process is gradual. You can find out from common friends where he will be and pretend to bump into him accidentally.

Do remember to dress well and try to be at your charming best. You can have a casual conversation with him along with the rest of the group. Make eye contact and smile whenever possible. You can send him a text message thanking him for the wonderful evening later in the night.

If he replies back that he enjoyed your presence during dinner, it could be a sign that his heart still beats for you. You can slowly extend the conversation further and if possible try to indicate that you still love him a lot.

Give him space

Remember to give him space and do not try to speed up the process of getting back into his life. You need to understand that every relationship has good and bad days. If you had taken the decision of breakup on a bad day, you can try to correct it on a good day.

If you had hurt him very badly with your words or behavior, it would be best to offer a sincere apology. If he had been in the wrong, you can try to explain it to him in a calm manner without sounding harsh. Do not blame him for everything. It would push him further away from you.

I am willing to make the extra effort to get my ex boyfriend back by making suitable changes to my life. When he sees that I am genuine in my efforts it will melt his heart and make him want me back into his life.

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