How to fix a relationship – Some straightforward tips

by admin on October 14, 2011

How to fix a relationshipNo one wants a relationship to end and when it does it can lead to a lot of tears and heartache. If you are nursing a broken heart and would like to know how to fix a relationship, you are not alone. Most couples tend to act in haste and in a fit of anger decide to go separate ways.

However when the anger subsides you realize that you are still in love your ex boyfriend and would like to rebuild the relationship. Now this is the hard part. It is not easy to build a relationship when there has been a lot of bitterness in your fight with the boyfriend.

In a fit of anger you could have verbally and physically abused him and the scars can run deep. You realize that you have crossed the limits in your fight with him and are now in a spot about how to fix a relationship.

When the breakup happens our minds are clouded with conflicting emotions and it would not be the best time to decide on whether you want to mend the relationship with your boyfriend. Spend some time alone and when your heart still longs for him try to think of ways of how to fix a relationship with your boyfriend.

What you should do?

Here are some simple tips on how to fix a relationship:

Remember the good times that you shared with your boyfriend. What attracted you to him at the first place? Analyze the reasons for the attraction and think about what made your relationship special. You would also need to think about the bad times that you had as a couple.

When you analyze the good and bad times, you would be able to think about the actions and reactions connected with it. This will help you get a clear picture of what went wrong with both of you as a couple and how to fix a relationship by overcoming the shortcomings.

The best relationship advice that any expert can give to you is to apologize for the mistakes that you have made. When you apologize to him, it shows that he is important to you and this could be the ice breaker that you are looking for, Stop playing the blame game and be genuine in your apologies.

If there are areas in your relationship that require you to change, you should make an attempt to do so.

Give the relationship time to heal. Do not rush through the process as you might scare him. Meet regularly but avoid going to every place he frequents. You should not look desperate.

Falling in love again is a beautiful feeling and you should try reconnecting with your boyfriend in a loving way. It is very important that you communicate your feelings in the best possible way.

You can also seek professional help from relationship experts and use the various programs that are available online to get back your boyfriend.

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