How to get a man back – Even If he’s Over You

by admin on October 14, 2011

How to get a man backHow to get a man back is the one question that seems to occupy the mind of any women who is going through the ordeal of a breakup. There are usually many tell tale signs of a breakup and most women become aware about them but choose to ignore them.

It’s easier than you think

If you have been going through a break up and want to know how to get a man back, you will be surprised to hear that it is not as difficult as it is thought out to be and you would be able to get back to him if you make the right moves.

Go back to the basics

Women become too smug in their relationship and lose focus and only after they have lost the love of their life do they realize what they had and lost eventually. You should try to find the reasons that made him move away from you. If you look carefully you will be surprised to see the various clues that were tell tale signs of the break up.

Telling him that you were expecting a break up and accepting it in a calm way is one of the best ways to react. Although saying such a thing could sound foolish but believe me no man likes to hear that you were looking forward to the breakup.

Think back to when you first met

What attracted him to you in the first place? Was it your good looks or your overall personality? Most women stop taking care of their looks after they have got a man in their life. This is one of the biggest mistakes that any women can make,

You must try to be irresistible and look your best if you have any intention of wining back your man. Take care to dress well and be at your charming best. This will make his heart long for you. He will soon realize what he had lost due to his hasty behavior and make every effort to come back.

Move on 

Most women stop socializing after break up and end up crying and locking themselves away from the world. Such behavior will not help you get your man back. If you want to know how to get a man back you will have to start having an active social life once again. When you choose not to go out after the breakup he might think of you as uninteresting.

When you start leading an active life he will be forced to think whether the breakup had any impact on you. He would be left wondering as to why you are not feeling sad due to his absence in his life. When you show him that you can enjoy life even without him he will realize that you are not dependent on him for your happiness.

When you show him that you are strong both emotionally and physically, it will help you earn his respect and admiration. He would start thinking that he had made the decision in haste and would look at ways to mend it and get back with you. How to get a man back without shedding too many tears can be achieved if you are patient and charming and make him feel special when he is with you.

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