How to win him back

by admin on October 22, 2011

How to win him backBreakups are inevitable in any long term relationship but they need not be permanent. Couples all over the world have misunderstandings and this can lead to a breakup. Relationships can be fragile and if you are unlucky to go through a breakup, you would want to know about how to win him back.

All our relationships are based on emotions that we feel for each other. Emotions can be the reason for breakup and they are also the reason for a patch up and getting back to normal. If you long for him even after a couple of weeks of breakup, you would need to seriously consider how to win him back.

Analyze the reasons

There are usually many tell tale signs that you tend to miss before the breakup. Analyze your behavior for the past few weeks before the inevitable happened and when you do so you will be able to find the accurate reasons for it. You would be surprised to know that there is usually a combination of factors that lead to the breakup and this do not happen overnight.


After you have analyzed the reasons for the breakup, you will realize what you did wrong. Apologize to him if you had hurt him in any manner. You would need to be sincere in your apologies. Be prepared for an angry reaction from your ex boyfriend. Do not expect him to forgive you immediately. He could take some time to calm down and accept you back into your life

Do not be desperate

It would be best not to appear desperate as men do not like women who are not strong. If you want to know how to win him back you would need to calm and composed and act as if the breakup did not affect you much. This can be difficult but you would be able to achieve it with practice.

Lead an active life

Do not lock yourself from the rest of the world and spend your time crying and cribbing about things. You will be portrayed as weak and your ex boyfriend will have one more reason to stay away from you. When you lead an active life, it will make your boyfriend think whether the breakup affected you. He would come back into your life when you look irresistible to him. Take care to dress well and be at your charming best.

Do not play the blame game

If you are serious about how to win him back, you will need to stop playing the blame game. Do not bring old issues into focus and make him feel bad about things that he had said or done in the past. Learn to forgive and forget.

Make changes to your life

If you feel that your past behavior has been the reason for your ex breaking up with you, it would be advisable to make suitable changes to your personality. This will also prove to your boyfriend that you are sincere in your efforts and that you place a lot of value to your relationship.

These simple tips on how to win him back will help you rekindle the romance with your ex boyfriend.

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