Make ex boyfriend jealous – Make Him Regret Leaving

by admin on October 14, 2011

Make ex boyfriend jealousWhat is the best strategy that will help you get back with your ex boyfriend? Make ex boyfriend jealous and win back his admiration and love. Are you filled with regret for breaking up with the love of your life and are desperate to win back his love and affection?

Will jealousy work?

Although jealousy is often considered a negative emotion, it could be your best bet to make your ex boyfriend show interest in you again. It is important to make ex boyfriend jealous in the right way and if you are successful in it he could come back into your life easily.

Keep this in mind

The other important thing that you need to keep in mind while you make ex boyfriend jealous is not to push things too far. You only want him to feel jealous and make him come back into your life and your intention should not be to make him run away from you forever.

Where to begin?

Here are some simple tips to make ex boyfriend jealous:

Most men cannot stand the thought of them been dumped and when you express such a thought, it is most likely that he win would try to woo and win you back. It will hurt his fragile ego that you have dumped him in the same way that he had dumped you. Now that the tables have been turned against him he is most likely to look at ways to come back into your life.

Your ex boyfriend would probably expect that you would be sobbing and depressed sitting at home. However when he sees you lead a normal life, it would make him extremely jealous. Even if you are hurt badly on the inside, it would be best not to acknowledge it. He would be wondering why you do not appear hurt and this curiosity will probably rekindle the romance with you.

Women often make the mistake of showing that they are desperate to win back their ex boyfriend. Due to this desperation they try to message or contact the guy at every opportunity. This strategy usually backfires and you will be left all alone.

If you want to make ex boyfriend jealous, you will need to stop communicating with him completely. Disappear completely from his life and he would be left wondering about your whereabouts. If he does call you do not answer the phone and let him leave you a message. You can probably wait for a couple of days before deciding to answer the phone.

You can casually flirt with other attractive guys when he is around. This is sure to turn him jealous. He will not like the attention that you get from other men. Remember to keep it casual and do not go overboard. You want to win his love back not drive him away.

Dress well and take good care of yourself. If he sees you happy and glowing he will regret driving you away from his life. He will miss you a lot and will come pleading back into your love life.

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