My boyfriend dumped me – How To Attract Him Back

by admin on October 13, 2011

my boyfriend dumped meProbably one of the worst things for a girl to say to her girlfriends would be “my boyfriend dumped me”. Why? Because it’s not only sad for the girl who got dumped, but also her girlfriends because they want what’s best for their friend.

It’s normal, let it all out

What can you do if you are one of those “my boyfriend dumped me” girls? Well firstly, you should realize that it’s normal to go through a period of time where you are simply devastated and feel sad nearly 24/7. You opened up to someone and unfortunately it didn’t end up working. So let yourself feel whatever it is you feel for a few days and get it all out.

Remember one thing. Do NOT contact him when you’re high on emotions. This is when the most mistakes are made, so avoid this at all costs.

But how can you get back your boyfriend once you’ve given yourself some time to calm down? After a few days, you need to start taking control of your life once again though, and get back on track. You need to stop the “my boyfriend dumped me” thinking, and simply focus on what you’re going to do to get him back.

The best thing to do

One of the best ways to do this is to actually continue on with your life, and act as though it’s not a big deal. Why? Because then if he realizes that he’s the only one obsessing over the ex-relationship, he will start longing for you once again.

So if this means removing anything in your life that may remind you of your ex boyfriend, including any contact with him, so be it. By doing this you are more likely to “appear” to him as though you have moved on with and he’ll be wondering why he didn’t mean anything to you. This makes him want to make the first move, and make him want to try and WIN you back if he thinks he was the initial problem.

So even if you are still worried about the whole “my boyfriend dumped me” thing, act as if you don’t, because that will change his view on the whole situation.

Now what?

Once you’ve got those basics sorted, you need to proceed by still going out! Make sure you gather your girlfriends together and go out for some drinks, and maybe hit a nightclub. Get out there, have fun, and hopefully meet some new people. There’s no better way to get him interested in you again than to see you with other people and going out having fun. This will make him jealous and realize what he has given away.

If you feel as though you might be rusty in the whole “meeting people” department because you haven’t been going out much since you had a boyfriend, don’t worry. Just be yourself, and be confident. You’re with your friends, so there’s nothing to worry about. And most importantly of all, remember that you’re out there to have fun, so make sure you do! If your friends are also his friends and he can somehow hear about your nights out, then that’s even better!

By sticking to those above things you will definitely start to get over your “my boyfriend dumped me” blues. But more so, you’ll slowly start making him wonder why he dumped you, and even start making him want to take you back.

Sometimes you need to make the first move

Finally, if you find that you get back into the “my boyfriend dumped me” mindset again or feel as though nothing is working, don’t get sad, instead, remember to contact your friends. There is no one better who knows you for who you really are, and they’ll be there to help you through rough times like this. They may also fill you in on what your boyfriend is doing. Sometimes he may feel the same as you, but is just too coward or shy to show it, so you should make the first move.

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