Stop a Breakup With 3 Simply Tips

by admin on October 23, 2011

Stop a breakupNobody wants to go through the notions of a breakup, so no matter how comfortable you feel in your relationship, you must never become complacent. The key to keeping a relationship alive no matter how long you two have been together is to recognize potential breakup situations and knowing what to do in order to stop a breakup from happening. If you feel like your relationship is on the rocks or would just like to make it stronger, here are a few tips to breakup-proof your relationship.

Sense his moods

No matter how sweet and kind your boyfriend is, he can’t be this way all the time. Women and men both have moods wherein they don’t act like themselves and they are prone to getting irritated and making impulsive decisions. There may be times when your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you, or if he nitpicks at everything you do. To stop a breakup from happening, all you need to do is keep silent. This may be harder for most girls, since they may get irritated themselves that they’re usually nice boyfriend is being a jerk to them. This type of behavior is normal though, and you shouldn’t take it personally when your boyfriend is “in a mood”. Simply by being understanding and letting it pass, you can stop a breakup before it happens.

Handling conflicts

Fighting is one of the main causes why love deteriorates and couples who were once in love with each other, hate each other with a passion. The key to a successful relationship is to calmly talk about disagreements. If you’re prone to speaking whatever comes to mind, then it’s better if you don’t confront your boyfriend until you are calm. Also, when you’re explaining your side, be careful with your choice of words. You must never let him feel inadequate or that you’re blaming him. To stop a breakup from happening when you’re fighting, approach him when he’s in an okay mood and be fair with your words. Throw in some positive words if you’re about to bring up something bad to balance it all out.

Be Alert

Sometimes, when couples have been together for quite some time, they stop making an effort to keep the love alive altogether. Without them knowing it, they become stuck in the relationship out of familiarity and companionship rather than love. To stop a breakup from arising out of this situation, it is important to keep the love alive by changing things up every now and then. Never forget the things you used to do when the relationship was still at its younger stages, be it going on a date every weekend or giving each other presents on special occasions. There’s also nothing wrong in being alert to changes in your partner’s behavior or routine as long as you don’t get paranoid over it.

No love is immune from a breakup, so it’s important to constantly work on your relationship daily. After all, it’s easier to stop a breakup from happening compared to trying to reconcile after your relationship has been destroyed.

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