Top 5 Reasons Why Men Dump Women

by admin on July 14, 2011

Why men dump womenEvery time a girl gets dumped, “Why?” is the first question that comes to her mind. There are many different reasons why men dump women, and is often grouped in five main categories. In this article I will talk about the top 5 reasons why men dump women to help you avoid making the mistake as well as risk losing him forever.

1. Issue with trust

No matter weather a woman has done anything to warrant the skepticism of a men; when your partnership has come to the point wherein he does not have faith in you any longer, then the end of your relationship may be near. Despite the fact that infidelity is among the logic behind why men dump women, there are more sins that fall under this category. Even there was no cheating involved, and even you aren’t flirting all around, your romantic relationship might still have trouble if there is a girl flirting with you regularly. As it may seem like a innocent to you, even though you do just take pleasure in the attention, it can easily make your boyfriend jealous and eat his self esteem away. Jealously in a man can also lead to mental distress in man (as well as in woman), and the men will possible decides he has had more than enough and you’re simply not worth worrying over.

2. Cant be depended on

In now days, man want a women who don’t stay at home all day long and look after the children, the woman is as equal as the man, so one more reason why men dump women is because he cant depend on her support in daily life. Women who fall straight into this category are women who are not capable to help the men with his daily life and issues, don’t keep their promises , nor do their share of the work. Even the man likes to control, in case you happen to be a care-free and he need to look after you and support you with everything, he may decide you are not mature enough and go searching for a more mature women.

3. You are always out of cash

Cash is one more reason why men dump women. I’m not saying that men are materialistic. With no job, or have a job but constantly losing money from spend too much on things for yourself or some useless things, he may think that you are very practical women. Some men will not admit it, but they would like to settle down at some point in their life and have a family, and if you situation at this moment is any indication, he will possibly get the signal that you wont be a good provider for the family.

4. Your future plans are not clear

Most men likes planning, and spend a whole lot of time dreaming about the future. If the man don’t know what part you will play in his future, then there will be a problem. Maybe he will see you as a bum who lives with your mom and spend the whole evening watching television. So, don’t be surprised to lose him if you do not have any future plans, because one more reason why men dump women happens when they can easily tell that they will just have no future at all if he stay with you.

5. You want to control everything

Men will love it when women make decision for them now and then, or meddle in their life because they care.. However, when it is on a regular basis, and when a men can not come to a decision without the women interfering, it may get really suffocating. Like women, men need their own space and power to make their own decisions, just like choice in clothes to wear, hobbies or jobs. The final major reason why men dump women is the women is to controlling and possessive most of the time.

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