5 Crucial Steps to Winning Him Back

by admin on July 13, 2011

Winning him backEvery time someone is dumped by their boyfriends, the majority of girls don’t figure out there presently exists certain strategies to winning him back which should be followed. In few cases, some girls are able to bring back their boyfriend unprepared and without any knowledge, but most wind up losing their boyfriends forever as they do not spend some time to come up with a plan of action in how to do it the right way. The same strategy can not be applied to every boy, but there are some 5 Crucial steps that needs to be adopted in as effort to win your ex boyfriend back.

1. The very first of many steps to winning him back his to stay cool.
The oldest principle in the book is to give your boyfriend space and time after the break up, I know, its hard to follow but you must. Going after him gives him control of the situation, and two things could possibly happen: Either he might get so sick and tired he will hate you forever, or he will take revenge on you by using the circumstances and finding ways to hurt you once more. To avoid this taking place, do not speak to your ex boyfriend right after the breakup, it will only make things worse.

2. The second step is to avoid all blame games.
Just like many of the other steps to winning him back, various girls find this difficult to do when their feelings play apart, therefore, for the first couple of weeks after the breakup, try to avoid putting all the blame on your boyfriend because at this point, you are very emotional, and you could say things to him that will only make it worse.The best thing you can do at this point is to take responsibility for your own things and try to figure out if there is anything that you could have done wrong while you were together with you ex boyfriend.

Do not mention to you ex abut his faults, even if he was all wrong, give him a time to realize that on his own. If you mention it to him right after the breakup, he might end up protective and lash out at you and you will only start arguing about who has done mare damage to the relationship, and you will possible be in worse situation than before.

3. The third step is to let him notice you have moved past the breakup, but they’re still accessible.
This key is probably one of the most crucial key to winning him back, your ex my say he has moved on and he is over you, but when he sees that you have moved as well, he is quietly always trying to evaluate your situation and exactly were he stands with you.

By showing him that you cool with the breakup and also you respect his decision, he will be relieved he wont have to deal with the post-breakup bickering anymore. At the other hand, If you still want him back, avoid dating other guys in order to recover or make him jealous, he will probably notice you are totally over him and he will totally move on.

4. Just about the most important step to winning him back is to know precisely what you should apologise for.
Do not just say “Sorry for all I have done” because that will simply demonstrate you haven’t thought things though carefully and are only expressing i’m sorry to get things over and done with. Its much better to be very specific in that you are apologizing and give your ex boyfriend situations where you were wrong.

5. The last but not least of the 5 steps to winning him back is to take action.
As I mentioned before, you must give him space to breath for the first two-three weeks, but after that time, go and do something in order to win him back. If you are ment to be with your ex, things will eventually work out. Many strong relationships have ended simply because the couple choose to let “fate” control their romance.

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